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in your child’s journey of language acquisition.

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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching Sessions

Being a parent is the most amazing experience in the world!

… but very often it brings lots of questions …
No one has ever taught us how children’s language develops and therefore it’s difficult to know what to expect and at what age, when to worry and how to make language develop smoothly.
And when the child is exposed to two or more languages, the matter becomes even more complicated!

If you too have asked yourself at least once:

  • – If your child’s language is developing correctly,
  • – If you are confusing your child too much by exposing him/her to more than one language
  • – If and when he/she will be able to speak all their used languages ​​at a high level

Then Parent Coaching is what you need now!

What is Parent Coaching?


Parent Coaching Sessions

The Parent Coaching service aims to make you parents the main protagonists in your child’s language development.
I believe that parents, being the ones who know their children best, are the key components to support a child on their path to appropriate language and conversation, in all languages ​​that are important to them!
Through these Coaching sessions, I aim to teach you some strategies that will improve both your child’s communication and language in a variety of fun and motivating activities.

How does it work ?

There are two ways of working, the choice is yours to decide which is the most feasible for you and your family.


Single consultation

he Single Counseling is a 1 hour and 30 minute session where I will teach you all the strategies necessary to support your child’s language (both in contexts where a language is spoken and in contexts of multilingualism).
At the end of this consultation, I will send a summary Email with all the illustrated strategies.
Included in the price, a 30-minute check-up session two months after the first meeting, where we can update ourselves on progress and you can ask me other questions.
The cost of the Single Consultation package is € 109.

Coaching course

The Coaching Course is a series of 8 weekly sessions (45 minutes each) in which the strategies will be taught in more detail, with the help of videos and practical exercises.
Every week, after the introduction of the strategies, parents will try them out during their free time with their children and will send me the videos of the interaction, so that I can provide further practical advice based on those videos.
The cost of the Coaching Course package is 409 €


Some doubts?

Nothing more understandable

For this reason I have chosen to offer a free consultation. The aim is to give an answer to all your doubts, but not only, in fact it is essential to build a communication and a relationship in the utmost transparency.
Your child is your most precious asset and it is essential that you take the best steps for their good, my job is precisely to offer parents the tools, knowledge and awareness to act in all circumstances in the most appropriate way. appropriate.
That’s why I invite you to deepen, to ascertain for yourself, how useful it can be and above all be a precious help for your child.

Valentina Giannini

Speech and Language Therapist

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Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me and if it is the first time, book a free initial session, or the specific service or treatment desired.

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