Memory Pair Games

A pleasant experience to have with your children.

Let's Explore Memory Games

A pleasant experience to have with your children!

Hello, and welcome to this page where you can play my favourite game:


The Memory Pair Game!


Accessing the game is very simple: simply click on the game of your choice below.


The page that appears will show you 12 face-down cards, on which you can click to learn what they are hiding. The game’s goal is to find two identical cards. The players must take turns clicking on two cards at a time; if you find the pair, the cards will remain face up; otherwise, they will cover themselves.


The name of each card revealed will appear below. The adult’s role in this situation is to say the name so that the child associates the word with the picture.


Why should you play? To have fun while training attention, visuospatial short-term memory (the one that allows us to remember something we’ve seen), turn-taking, and language. It is a complete game!


I just want to make a few points before you click on the game.


It is recommended that the parent be with the child while they play. This way, the child:

  • Will be more motivated (playing with two is always more fun than playing alone).
  • Will have to wait for you to play to have another turn, and therefore train attention and waiting.
  • Will frequently hear the name of something associated with their image, allowing them to learn many new words in a motivating context.


What are you waiting for? Click on the button below to enter the game!


Valentina Giannini

Speech and Language Therapist

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