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My mission is to give you the tools you need to be the key person for your child in their journey towards language acquisition.

I am Valentina Giannini

Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist

Hi, I'm Valentina...

I am a Speech and Language Pathologist, so I know how to support language acquisition, and I am bilingual (Italian-English), so I know what it means to be part of two different cultures

Through my parent training course, I offer parents all the tools necessary to be the key person in their children’s language acquisition journey, especially (but not only) in bilingual contexts.

Supporting my patients so that they are able to communicate to the best of their potential and without language barriers is my mission.


A little more about me

Study paths and professional experiences

In summary

I graduated in Speech and Language Pathology at La Sapienza – University of Rome, where I had the opportunity to study speech and language disorders and delays.

Shortly after graduation I moved to the UK, to London, where I worked initially in specialist clinics and later in primary schools (with children aged 3 to 11).

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In March 2020, due to the closure of schools in the UK, I started implementing Speech and Language Pathology sessions with my clients via Zoom.

I immediately fell in love with Teletherapy, discovering that the children were much more involved in the session thanks to the technology used, the flexibility of the sessions and the possibility of involving the family in my therapies.

The benefits

  • Directly to your home
  • Self-programmable sessions
  • No need to travel
  • More familiar context
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Parent Training

Acquire the necessary tools to support your child in their language acquisition.



I have made a language self-assessment quiz available.

A quick video explanation


The Self-Assessment Quiz

In order to meet the needs of many parents who want to better understand their children’s language development, I have developed a quiz that offers a first assessment.

The quiz does not substitute a Speech and Language assessment but offers a general framework and useful indications for a possible specific and in-depth intervention.

The quiz consists of a series of questions with a yes or no answer.

The result will be available both online and a copy will be sent via email.


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