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Valentina Giannini

BSc Speech and Language Pathology, Bilingual

HI! I am Valentina Giannini and I am a Bilingual (Italian-English) Speech and Language Pathologist.

I graduated in Speech and Language Pathology at La Sapienza – University of Rome, where I had the opportunity to study language disorders and delays.

Shortly after graduation, I moved to the UK, in London, where I initially worked in specialist clinics and later in primary schools (children aged 3 to 11).

Having worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a country other than mine was not easy, but it turned out to be a priceless experience thanks to which I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the bilingual culture.

In March 2020, due to the closure of schools in the UK, I started implementing Speech and Language Pathology sessions with my clients via Zoom.

I immediately fell in love with Teletherapy, discovering that the children were much more involved in the session thanks to the technology used, the flexibility of the sessions and the possibility of involving the family in my therapies

In January 2021 I moved to the Netherlands, where I keep working via Teletherapy and supporting children and families in the world.

My approach is based actually on working together with the family to support the child’s language in their natural environment.

For this reason, regardless of how many and which languages ​​you speak besides English, with my help you will be able to support your child’s language in any language you want.



  • Bachelor of Sciences in Speech and Language Therapy, La Sapienza – University of Rome (2014-2017)
  • PROMPT Course (Prompt for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets) Technique – Treatment plan for articulation difficulties (2018)
  • RBT Course (Registered Behavior Technician) – Enabling the treatment of children on the Autism Spectrum with ABA principles (2018)
  • OPT Course (Oral Placement Therapy – Talk Tools) Level 1 – Treatment plan for language and feeding difficulties (2019)
  • BLAST Course (Boosting Language, Auditory Skills and Talking ) – Treatment plan for speech and auditory skills in preschool age (2020)
  • Teletherapy Star System course – Treatment plan for speech and language difficulties in children and adults through Teletherapy (2021)
  • Course “Drawing as a rehabilitation tool” – Rehabilitate language through drawing (2021)
  • “Hanen It Takes Two to Talk” course – Empowering Parents to support their children in language acquisition (2021)

Professional experiences

  • Speech and Language Therapy Internship in the Adult Neuropsychiatry Department – Rome (2017)
  • Speech and Language Therapy Internship in the Child Neuropsychiatry Department – Rome (2017)
  • ABA Tutor in a specialist clinic for children on the Autism Spectrum – London (2018)
  • Speech and Language Therapist in a specialist clinic for children on the Autism Spectrum – London (2018)
  • Speech and Language Therapist in Primary Schools – London (2019 – 2020)
  • Speech and Language Therapist specialized in assessment, treatment of language difficulties through Teletherapy (2020 – present)